It’s officially August and that can only mean one thing;
The return of the great Shooting Season.

With the first full week of the season out the way, preparations have long been in full swing amongst the team to ensure we have the season possible. 

And while our excitement to return to the beloved Field is undeniable, the enjoyment also and often extends off the field and into the kitchen for many of us, where the reward of a day spent out in the elements really comes to fore.

Robust and distinguished flavours are at the heart of cooking game, with favourites such as duck, partridge, woodcock,  pheasant, and Mr. Grouse, to name but a few, all being smartly dressed up to newly invigorate your taste buds season upon season.

So, in celebration of the Season's return, we thought it would be rather lovely to share with you some of our favourite recipes, curated by some of the wisest in the Game*.

Take a look below...

*forgive our pun
James Martin’s Pot-Roast Pheasant
A warming classic with a West-Country spin; a delicious collaboration between sweet and savoury.
Click here for full recipe

Stevie Parle's Roast Grouse with Porcini, Tomatoes and Red Wine Bruschetta
An indulgently delicious dish, with deep and juicy flavours.
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River Cottage’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is the King of far-to-table in our eyes, and shares this fantastic little recipe that makes the most of the season at every course.
Leave it up to one of the nation’s favourite to bring the centre piece; Paul Hollywood’s Raised Game Pie is a game kitchen classic and an incredibly simple way to enjoy your hard work.
And finally, bringing the field and the gastronomic world to the fore and creating dishes that are equal part genius as they are delicious, is the wonderful Mark Hix.

With Mark's portfolio of incredible London Restaurants, all born from his legacy as a pioneer of British gastronomy, we have to say, we are rather impressed, but not surprised, by the Gentleman’s ability to marry two distinct cultural dishes to create this highly impressive game dish.
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Are you a dab-hand in the Field and kitchen and have some recipes to share? Comment below, and tag us in your photos this season @bernardweatherill on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.